Elf Adventure

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Get wrapped up in the spirit of Christmas with each installment of your child's adventure!

Follow your child as they help their elf save the holidays in this epic tale of magic & mystery while getting what you really want from your littles, warm snuggles and great big smiles as bright as the star on your tree!


Each week during December you will receive a free private email installment of your child's adventure that you can insert their name and elf name into.

Be part of the story!

At the end of each segment of the story, your child will be able to vote on what they should do next!

Who knows where this adventure will take them, but it all starts here!

Chapter 1 - WAKE UP!

In the early hours of the night, you slowly open your eyes to see the little face of (Your elf) saying, “(Your child’s Name) WAKE UP! WAKE UP!”  As soon as you realize this isn’t a dream and in fact, your Elf is really standing on your chest yelling at you in a panic, your eyes grow wide in excited amazement to see (Your elf) alive and animated in front of you!

Before you can even say a word, (Your elf) says, “You have to help us!  There is something going horribly wrong at the North Pole and I only trust you to help!”

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Yes, my child wants to help!

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