Robert Trebor is Affordable

Being custom doesn't have to mean being expensive—far from it!  I have products, packages, and specials that fit any budget.  Gift portraits start at just $30 and go up to just $240 for the larger ones. We can even make super-sharp wall art as large as 4 feet across for $2500.

Your best values come when you create your very own package as you get 50% off all prints after the first, largest print; that makes for HUGE savings!   Gone are the days of packages of extra print sizes you don't need!

We even make it easier to afford your portraits by providing a convenient, no-extra-cost payment path. The photo shoot fee is paid when you book your appointment, which then simply becomes a down payment applied in full toward whatever photographs you end up choosing. You can pay with half your remaining balance at the time of the order and the other half just prior to picking them up.

Payment plans: So your payments can be spread out over several months, 2 credit cards are placed on file and simply charged monthly until the balance is paid in full, which makes it easy on your budget while allowing you to get what you want. We make owning your legacy portraits easy!

If you have questions about specific sizes or package you have in mind, feel free to contact our office at (830) 484-8919 and we'll be happy to assist you in any way possible.

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